Monday, October 24, 2016

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Title optimization is often taken for granted by some internet marketers, online business owners, bloggers and even some SEOs. Thinking that it is one of the easiest and to not put any effort on it is a grave mistake that a considerable number of people in this business have been unconsciously practicing for years.


Most of these mistakes are blog post titles. Yes, you read it right. Blog post titles are often taken lightly and I've seen it in most of my previous clients. What's sad about this is that some of them would not allow me to optimize their blog post's titles which is a bit discouraging and I ask myself why would they hire an SEO but set a restriction in optimizing such important factor that can help improve organic traffic and possibly rank naturally on the first page of Google's search result.


If you already spent time writing the article or paid for it make sure that before publish it in your blog to be read by your readers, visitors or crawled and indexed by search engine bots you created the right title for it.


Here are few things you can do to fully optimize your title:


2. Click --> Type keyword using a Phrase


3. Pick the best one that fits your article


4. Make sure not to spam the keyword in the title


5. Do a Google search and compare other titles in the results


6. Construct 5-10 titles for that article and pick the best one.


The idea is clear in my head but I am not sure if I manage to explain that clear in here. Making it a habit to come up with the best title for your article which target a keyword phrase that has a good average monthly search helps improve not only your organic traffic but also your improve your site's authority on its niche.

Btw, I  hate writing an article so I hope you don't mind how things are written here. Bare with me on this part.

I hope this can somewhat help someone.



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